What have I been up to?
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What have I been up to?

10/07/2022- lmao not me sleeping all day *again* dgfhkjfs,, the bed here is so comfy tho and there's a heatwave on so like,, whatever xD

08/07/2022-Today's Mood: Feeling Good!
I'm going to my partner's flat today to stay over, as we're going shopping tomorrow! I'm very excited. Hoping to get a new shelf to keep some of my things on, let's hope I can get a good bargain! I didn't sleep super well during the night (accidentally stayed up until like 4:30am updating my site LOL).

07/07/2022-Today's Mood: Tired but Good!
I spent some time with friends today. We had a lot of fun and got bubble tea together! I thought I'd be asleep for most of the day today, but I'm glad I got to go out and meet up with friends. It's nice to get out of the house!